S H O P 

W H E R E   W E   A R E

W H A T   W E   A R E

H O W   W E   A R E

W H Y   W E   A R E

W H O   W E   A R E

p a c i f i q u e
r o k u n d u

stephanie christensen
​Pacifique Rukundo is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar studying Biomedical Sciences at Arizona State University. He is passionate about change brought to life by hope. Pacifique was born and raised in Rwanda, a nation with one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and top five economies worldwide. He finds himself driven and inspired by the progress of his upbringing in Rwanda to push the limits of what the present can offer regardless of the possibilities, and holds on to the duty of shaping the future in a way that suits our needs. The journey is not easy and embarking on this journey needs a package of hope and needs someone to believe you. Learning from his life experience, Pacifique wants to be part of the community that has these values, and moreover, wants to share it with the rest of the world. This is where ANIDASO comes in, by creating hope in the ones who need it most. ANIDASO believes in its team members and stakeholders, and believes that they can be able to make the decisions on their own lives. Nkrumah once said, “there is a seat at the top, but few people are willing to get there,” and Pacifique believes that through inspiration, mindfulness, story-telling and writing, he can help spread hope to the world, from our communities to yours.